Saturday, July 14, 2012

Challenge- Accepted: Cheapskate Versions of Polyvore Outfits

So, a few days ago my friend Lindsay and I were texting back and forth about Pinterest and other things. She commented about loving some of the outfits that get pinned there, and how she wished she could afford the things in her "Pinterest closet". Don't we all? I then replied back that I liked finding outfits I would love to own, and then trying to make super cheap versions of them. Versions normal people could actually afford. Versions that do not include thousand dollar purses, beautiful as they are. This conversation made me think- wouldn't other people like to do that same thing? Maybe they need inspiration, or ideas of where to look. So, I've decided I'd like to do posts about this. Cheap-O versions of some of our adored Polyvore looks. Last night, Lindsay graciously agreed to help get this type of post started by sending me links to two of her favorite outfits. Today I have my own (much cheaper) versions to add! I will certainly admit though, these two outfits were much more challenging than I was anticipating. The reason why: Some elements of both outfits were already so inexpensive that it made it difficult to find cheaper versions. But I persevered!
You can view this outfit on Polyvore here.

Super cute, right? Total cost of this outfit? $794!!!!!!

You can view this outfit on Polyvore here.

Here is my cheaper version. Yes, I realize I used 4 pairs of earrings. The reason is that I felt all four were reasonable replacements for the $25 version of the previous outfit. And they only cost $3.80 per pair from Forever21! So pick your poison (or pick them all, for that matter!). Also, I recommend using two sets of bracelets for the larger quantity of the original. Each set costs $3.90, so again, not really an expensive problem! The most expensive part of this outfit is the leather jacket, at $84 from Wilson's Leather.

Total cost of this outfit? $215.60!!!!!
Yep, total win. We cut the price down almost by 3/4!!!

You can view this outfit on Polyvore here.

I love the trendy cobalt color! Total cost of this outfit? $1403!!!!!!!

Now, I'll have to say- the price may be a poor reflection here. After all, the bag alone was over a thousand dollars! But even so, that puts the rest at around $400 for everything!

You can view this outfit on Polyvore here.

And my version! Yes, I know what you'll say first thing: "You're missing the belt!". Well, that got complicated. The version Lindsay sent me included a pair of belted shorts (shorts that came with the belt pictured) for $15! I'm sad to say, I could not beat that. I didn't find anywhere that had belted shorts cheaper than $15. In my own defense though, that price may have reflected some long-past sale that was taking place as those shorts are no longer available. But I decided that most people have a standard brown belt, so I hunted down some plain white shorts that were cheaper than $15. $11, to be exact. If you do not have a brown belt, and were really wanting belted shorts, I did find a pair for $17 here. On this outfit I will admit, I used jewelry that was more expensive than I'd like on a cheapskate version of anything. But they were the most similar I could find, they were pretty, and they were still way cheaper than the ones used in the original outfit. The same goes for the nail polish. If you compare the prices on the two bottles, you'll see there's only about $2 difference. Yes, there would have been MUCH cheaper nail polishes than Essie. But I ADORE Essie nail polish. I swear by it, I really do. And so, I traded a little bit of quality for price. But again, it is still cheaper than the original. The most expensive article in this outfit is the BCBG purse for $50 from DSW.

Total cost of this outfit? $136!!!!!!!

So, this concludes this cheap fashion challenge. For anyone who reads this, I invite you to leave a comment linking a Polyvore outfit you'd like to see converted to a cheap look-alike! I'd like to make this kind of post somewhat regular, so if I don't start receiving suggestions from other people, you'll just be seeing my own favorites! ;) I also welcome questions about anything I do/am doing!

Til later, stay trendy my friends!


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