Friday, July 13, 2012

Project of the Day: Rearranging My Shoes

Well, I finally did it. Jumped on the blog band-wagon. Yay, right? For everyone who does not know me in real life, it might help to know that my family moved from North Carolina to Idaho a few months ago while I was a walking whale (pregnant with our newest addition). We bought our first home here, which was super exciting except for the prospect of actually doing the "moving-in" while so huge. My poor husband- what a trooper! He painted our entire house all by himself just because I disliked the color it was! What a rock star, right? Actually he did most of the move-in by himself, poor guy.

While waiting for my little monkey to make his debut, about all I was able to do was some light organizing of our stuff. "Putting away" might be a better way to phrase it. Yes, I know all of this is boring, but I promise I have a point. I arranged our closet, which is a FABULOUS room-sized space. It is seriously fantastic.

Just inside the doorway is a handy set of shelves set into a small recessed area. My first thought: Perfect for my SHOES!!! Now, one thing everyone needs to know- I love shoes. Like, to an unhealthy level. So having my own personal shoe shelves makes me a very happy girl! :) For the time being, I simply shoved all of my shoe boxes onto these shelves (yes, I keep all of my shoes in their original boxes as much as I am able). They were up and out of the way, but not very pretty to look at. 

So today I decided I would end the shoe box mayhem and even enlisted the slave labor of my daughter! And now I have shelves that are much more attractive!

Sorry about the photo quality- although the closet is fantastic, the lighting in it is not. If you can see, most of the shelves are two layers deep with shoes. In order to elevate the second row to be seen, I just used my smallest shoe boxes turned sideways. About two pairs could fit on each shoe box. Hooray shoes! :)

Soon to post:
Testing out a water filter from Sephora: Click me to see!

Cheapskate Polyvore outfit, chosen by my dear friend Lindsay since she was the inspiration for doing this kind of post!

Til Later!

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