Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Husband Strike: Update #1

As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband got sick on Monday (I swear he knew!) So, I decided to forego beginning the Strike until he was better. I mean, how wrong is it to expect a sick person to do his chores correctly? By Tuesday, he was feeling better- well enough to go to work. By Wednesday, he was completely well. So, I decided to begin the Strike on Wednesday.

Trash Status (Wednesday): Trash Mountain had made its return!!!

Laundry Status (Wednesday): I can't actually see much of the floor on his side of the bed...

Dish Status (Wednesday): None- he hadn't been home to make dirty dishes.

Lawn Status (Wednesday): So far, the lawn has gone 3 1/2 weeks without being mown...

And so, that was how Wednesday was wrapped up.


Well, Thursday is our trash days. And, amazingly, Trash Mountain had vanished from the kitchen when the kids and I woke up. However, he did NOT take out the trash from our daughter's bathroom, the baby's room, our daughter's room, or our bathroom. So, essentially, the only trash removed from our home on trash day was Trash Mountain. Better than nothing, I guess?

Dish Status (Thursday): Yep, you guessed it. He finally had dishes, and where did they end up? On the counter right beside the sink. Not IN the sink, like he knows to do. But less than four inches away from it. Really???

Lawn Status (Thursday): No change.

Laundry Status (Thursday): Pile keeps growing...


As of Friday, there have been no real changes. The dirty dishes are still on the counter (even though he WATCHED me load the dishwasher with every dirty dish apart from HIS), the pile o' clothes beside the bed continues to grow, the lawn is still running wild, and no trash has been removed since Trash Mountain.

Right now it is Saturday. I will not post on the day's issues yet, since the day is not over. So, I'll be updating again soon!!

Til Later!

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