Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Husband Strike: Update and Wrap-Up

So, it's well after when I said I'd post the results of my Strike. For whatever reason, my internet and I have been having some pretty severe arguments for over a week now. I'm just hoping this post will actually post! So here we go!

As we finished up the Strike, nothing amazing happened. Clothes were all over the house, dishes laying around, trash piling up... And do I even need to reveal that the lawn has STILL not been dealt with? Awesome update, huh?

So, the results of my experiment are pretty disappointing. He honestly did not even realize anything had changed, other than he found it "annoying" that I allowed the trash to build up instead of "just doing it [my]self"...

To that, I had three words:

Not. My. Job.

Since then? Trash piles had been accumulating all over the house again (shocker, right?), but I assumed it would be dealt with last night or this morning considering our trash is picked up today. Guess who ended up taking all the trash out after getting the kids fed? Yeah, it wasn't him. Now that he considers the Strike "over," he's reverted to just letting his clothes fall where they will without a second thought, and dishes/trash are to be found even more frequently laying around the house.

All in all, for me this experiment was a heart-breaking disappointment. Zero results, zero remorse, zero enlightenment. It actually makes me sad to think our four-year-old would have learned from this better than the Hubs did.

And so, that's that. To any of you out there who plan to try the same idea, I wish you all the luck in the world, and  hope you have better results than I did!


On a brighter (and completely unrelated) note, the first trailer for City of Bones was released yesterday! I've decided that next August is just too far away!

See the trailer here!

'Til later!!!
         ----- D

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